Friday, July 31, 2009

Pro Tip 3 and 4

Tip 3

Bathroom breaks.

If you are bringing kids and your part size is more than three, you are going to spend a substancial amount of time looking for and using the potty. If you are not careful, it can monopolize your day. One way around this is to synchronize the potty. Whoever is the first person to need to go (and I would set this schedule with the smallest bladder) make a stop bit require that everyone go and evacuate whatever they have in there. Some kids will complain but the rule stands. As your party size increases this becomes more and more important.

Tip 4

Baby Care Center

Every park has a baby care center which provides large air conditioned spaces for changing babies with excellent theming and sanitized conditions. They also provide quiet rooms for nursing mothers, a small store to purchase baby supplies and high quality home styled high chairs for feeding babies. Further they have a TV room with classic movies playing, comfy chairs and a coloring table for siblings or older children who need a break. The center is seldom crowded and can be a welcome break when traveling with babies.

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