Friday, July 10, 2009

Line Etiquette - Lineqeutte

Line Etiquette


I feel if you wait in lines at Disneyworld you’ve failed. Not that you won’t wait some, but if done right, on an average day, you can work that FastPass system so that your waits are small and your walk on time is short. However, no matter how well you plan you are just going to have to wait in line. Sometimes it’s the end of the day and all of the FastPasses have been handed out. Sometimes the ride doesn’t distribute FastPasses and is crowded. Whatever the reason, you suit up and get in line and tough it out. Yet, if your are like me, the wait in line could be improved if people around you would have some better linequette. You know, they need to have etiquette while in line. I have composed a set of rules that should be required reading especially for newbies who show up at the park.

Once you are in line, there is NOTHING you can do to make the line go faster. It is not up to you. So don’t complain, whine, or cry about it. If it is upsetting you to be in line, then please get out of line and rethink staying in the park.

There is no reason you should ever have to touch me. I promise I will move forward when the person in front of me moves a safe distance away. You don’t have to lean on me, push me, bump me with any part of your anatomy, or stand so close I can tell what you had for breakfast and the brand of soap you use, or don’t.

Why should you sit on the rail while the rest of us have to stand? For you to sit on the rail means, I have to negotiate your butt. Move.

If your entire party can’t be in line, don’t send a scout to “start” hanging out in the line while the rest of your clan goes for lunch/snacks/potty/whatever and then push their way to meet up with you. Arg!

If it is dripping out of your child, it is your job to wipe it before he smears it on something.

No Spitting!

If you are coughing, sneezing, or expressing any fluids of any kind, go ahead and provide that little bit of extra space between you and I, and cover that orifice.

If you are part of a tour group that requires you to follow someone with a flag while all 243 of you wear the same colored t-shirt, you should wait to get into the line until everyone in the park has had a chance to ride the ride . . . . . twice. If this is too much trouble then please go enjoy Universal Studios.

Your tongue should never get involved in a kiss; I don’t care how newly wed you are.

If you are too cool to be in Disney (teenagers mostly) don’t come.

It doesn’t matter how important that phone call is, if you have to conduct business, or gesticulate in a gross manner while on the phone in order to get your point across, excuse yourself and go somewhere else.

Now go to that park and remember, its not ok to laugh or stick out your tongue at the people in the standby line while you skip and play hopscotch through the FastPass line.

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