Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pro Tip 7

Pro Tip #7

Photopasses are handed out at every park; however, at the water parks they give you a smaller photopass on a bracelet that you can wear as you play. They also give you this same photopass when you visit TinkerBell at the Magic Kingdom. This is the most convenient photopass since it is easily accessible when you wish to jump in and get a quick pic. So if you plan on making a visit to TinkerBell do it early so that you can use this more convenient photopass for the rest of you trip. Remember, you do not need a photopass card each day you can continue to use the same photopass card.

If you happen to log on to DisneyPhotoPass and enter the card while on your trip, your new pictures will appear in your directory each time a new picture is taken. This is a great way to share your trip with your family and friends. Simply give them access to your photopass account and as you add new pictures, they will be able to share in your adventures during your stay!

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